Roadmap to Becoming an Independent Insurance Adjuster

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Roadmap to Becoming an Independent Insurance Adjuster

Stephen C. Storey
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I'm Stephen Storey and I've been an Independent Insurance Adjuster for the last 5 years, during that time I've been able to work on over 20 different assignments all across the United States and Canada. I've handled thousands of claims ranging from hail damaged roofs, to flooded out Ferrari's. 

Due to the nature of the business many people have never heard of an independent adjuster and what all they do. I want to shed some light on the industry and give you the ins and outs of the industry as well as your roadmap to getting licensed and becoming a full time independent insurance adjuster like me. 

This industry completely changed my life and dozens of my students lives financially and I want to give you the tools to be able to do the same for your life. 

Here are some of my Student Success Stories 

They did it, and with help I'm sure you can do the same and more 

When you purchase the Roadmap to Becoming an Independent Insurance Adjuster Course this is what you'll be getting:

✅ Six Modules that get straight to the point, each module is packed with useful information 

✅Step by Step Guide on how to get licensed quickly and efficiently

✅ List of over 120+ IA firms ( The more IA firms you're able to contact the higher probability of getting hired quickly)

✅Full Explanation on how to get hired and stay employed year round 

✅ Breakdown of the Fee schedule for Field Adjusters 

Frequently Asked Questions 

🎯 If you're an American or have an American residency, then you can tap into a multi-billion industry"🎯

🟢How much money do Independent Adjusters make per year?

I hate to be vague but it varies on the type of insurance claims an adjuster handles, how many months out of the year that person works , their experience levels, amount of licenses and certifications they have and their level of work ethic and professionalism.

I've seen licensed adjusters get paid as low as $16 per hour I've also seen adjusters working at a desk earn over $1,000 per day. I've also seen field adjusters earn close to $100k in one month inspecting homes after a hurricane. This doesn't mean you will make only $16 an hour starting out and it also doesn't mean you will make $100k per month on your first assignment 

The best thing about this industry is you can do what's necessary to earn a higher income by getting different licenses and certifications. 

🟢Where do Independent Adjusters work?

Independent Adjusters work in many different environments, some work at an office in a cubicle, some spend their days reviewing files working from home some visit car wrecks and assess damage and others inspect residential and commercial buildings.

🟢What type of Insurance Adjuster can I be ?

There are dozens of different positions that an IA can hold from using scuba gear to inspect damage to marinas, to working in a cubicle reviewing car accidents. The possibilities are endless and you don’t have to stick to doing one type of insurance your entire career.

🟢How do I apply for a job?

It’s not as simple as just applying for a job, as an Independent Adjuster you get deployed that’s what we call getting a job by being on a roster a roster is being on a list made by an Independent Adjusting firm that acts as a liaison or middle man between you and the Insurance carrier. When a deployment is available and you fit their needs the firm will call or email you and give you the details on the job including hours worked and pay.

🟢Can I be an Independent Adjuster with a felony?

You can not be an Independent Adjuster if you have been convicted of crimes involving moral turpitude Ex: Fraud with that being said check with your states Insurance board to see if you meet the criteria. 

🟢Do I need a degree to be an Independent Adjuster?

A college degree is not needed to become an Independent Adjuster!

🟢Do I need a license to be an Independent Adjuster?

Yes , you will need a license to be able to get hired as an Independent Adjuster and I will walk you through how to get licensed and get your first assignment as an IA.

🟢Can I be an Independent Adjuster and keep my main job?

Being an Independent Insurance Adjuster IS a full time job, if you plan to be in this industry plan on working at least 50 hours per week. 

🟢How long has the Independent Adjusting industry been around?

This industry has been around over 90 years and it will be around for many years to come.

🎯 This course is ONLY for United States Residents eligible to work in the United States🎯


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Here's what you get when you purchase this course ⭕️ List of over 120 Insurance Adjusting Firms ....this will give you more opportunities to get an assignment. ⭕️50 slides with audio fully explaining the insurance adjusting industry and how you can become a part of it. ⭕️Step by Step Guide to getting licensed and getting your first deployment ⭕️Exercises to complete after each module ⭕️Step by Step guide to becoming a full time adjuster


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